Heirs of God

I have never inherited a great fortune, a big house or anything that was a huge sum. I did inherit about $10,000 from an aunt. It stayed in the bank for a long time until the year 2007 when I decided to use part of it to travel to Spain. As a Spanish teacher for many years, I had dreamed of visiting Spain since I was a junior in college. I was scheduled to go on a “junior year abroad” but my parents had financial problems that year, so it never happened. After graduating from college, I began teaching, got married, had children, moved with the military, etc. You get the idea. Life happened. Then when I got the money from my great-Aunt Eunice, I waited until an appropriate time and my husband and I spent two weeks together in Europe. I was an heir to a relatively small amount of money that allowed me to see dreams fulfilled.

There is another inheritance that I am assured of because I am a child of God. As one commentator pointed out, I don’t get that inheritance until after I die rather than waiting for a relative to die. Jesus already died for me and the inheritance of eternity with Him will occur upon my death. My Heavenly Father has provided for me for eternity, not just for a two week trip or a sum that us quickly used up. The inheritance He provides is for always. It’s hard for my finite mind to fathom such a blessing, but God’s Word is true and over and over He makes the promise that I will be with Him when I die. That’s a promise I can count on and a final dream fulfilled!

Jesus is the reason that I can call God my Father and call myself His heir. Indeed, those of us who know Jesus as Lord and Savior are all His children, all His heirs. It’s such a marvelous thing to contemplate! I didn’t have to try to win His favor, He just gave it. I didn’t have to cajole Him into including me in His Last Will and Testament because it was His plan from the beginning of time. Amazing Grace!

Amazing Grace by Pentatonix

Have a wonderful day and may you rest secure in the promise of our Father’s love for you and in the hope of our eternal home.

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