Anxiety vs. Peace

I must confess that some things that happen cause more anxiety than others. Like when Tyler, our grandson, was badly injured in an accident. I was immediately caught up into the world of “what ifs” instead of using my God given gift of faith. Only a few seconds of heart-racing anxiety reigned before I recalled God’s love, power and faithfulness and began praying and calling on others to join me in prayer.

The peace that I felt as I prayed defied all logic. I was nine hours away and waiting for word from my daughter at the ER about Tyler’s condition. Many hours later, we got the news that his brain was not damaged. Again, hours passed, and we received the news of the extent of his injuries and that he was being sent home and later to specialists.

But the waiting did not end there. Neither did the prayers. So, an update on Tyler. He returned to the ENT this week about his ruptured ear drum. The doctor was amazed at the fact that Tyler’s ear drum had already repaired itself. He said that almost never happens so quickly. So, praise God! Continued prayer is needed though because Tyler’s ear drum did not totally attach itself to the surrounding tissue, so it is flapping around and creating annoying noises for him. And he cannot hear anything in that ear. The ENT says there is nothing else he can do but wait and see if the ear drum attaches and if the hearing returns to normal. However, I believe in the God of miracles, so I am believing for the ear to be made whole.

Tyler’s clavicle was fractured and when he want to the orthopedist, they told him that it was not aligning correctly and gave him a brace to wear for a few weeks, in hopes that it will pull it back where it belongs. When he returns to ortho, they will determine if he needs corrective surgery or not. Again, this is reason for anxiety, but more, it is a reason for my faith to kick in and for me to pray for his clavicle to get back where it belongs and to heal properly.

So, it’s my choice, just as it is yours. Are you overcome by anxiety or ruled by faith? Sometimes, the fear rears its ugly head and I have to choose to push it back and pray through the fear to the peace. God is always waiting there with open arms, offering me His peace. He has told me repeatedly that Tyler is His child and He loves him and is working things out for him. I believe…help my unbelief, and my anxious thoughts!

May your day be blessed with the peace that only comes from God and many answered prayers.

4 thoughts on “Anxiety vs. Peace

  1. Thanks for the update Vickie. He is a God who heals. I pray that Tyler’s eardrum will attach back to surrounding tissue and he will regain complete hearing. And that his clavicle will pull back into place with the brace and he will not need corrective surgery.
    I pray for God’s peace and trust in Him to reign in all of your hearts as you wait.

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