How much does an act of kindness cost you? I would concur with all who say that it costs nothing. I would also remind you that some of the kindest people in the word seem to be those who are remembered well. Do you know the name of Fred Rogers? His gentle, quiet spirit on “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” attracted viewers from around the nation and perhaps the world. He encouraged the children who watched him regularly to “look for the helpers” during troubled times because they will always be there. How could he be so confident that the world is full of helpers? Because God put us here and that is one of our purposes. We need to look for ways to show kindness because the cost of it to us is nothing, but to the recipient, it may be everything.

One of the fruits of the spirit is kindness. Just be kind. Help the one struggling to carry a lot of packages, give your place in line to the mom with screaming toddlers, pick up that dropped piece of paper for the elderly man. It’s hard to imagine a world without kindness, a world in which there are no helpers stepping out. Be the one who helps, the one who shows kindness.

Wow! This Scripture is an eye-opener, isn’t it? God shows us daily the riches of His grace through the KINDNESS of Christ Jesus. If we are to follow Christ’s example, then we need to show kindness to others. After all, don’t we want them to see Jesus in us and wonder what makes us different from others?

Have a blessed day and may God’s grace fill you with kindness so that you may unselfishly reach out to do for others what you would like someone to do for you.

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