I was told for many years even before I finished high school that when opportunity knocks, I have to open the door. Today, this verse was in my devotional and reminded me of my grandparents’ saying and also expanded on it in a spiritual way. We are always to be ready to tell others about Jesus. There is a world of hurting people who need to know him and we need to seize the time that He has given us to share His love, mercy and grace with them. Yes, the days are evil, but God is good and we need to tell His Story to all who will listen.

I want others to find this rest that only comes from God. In the midst of life’s turmoil, you can find rest and peace in Him, knowing that He can be trusted with your eternal security.

Have a blessed day and when the opportunity arises to share about Jesus, jump in with faith and tell what He has done for you!

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