Left Behind

I have a phobia of being left behind. My husband will tell you that when he simply leaves the store to pull up the car, I get anxious about his remembering to come get me. No, he has never left me behind, but over five decades ago, my parents did and I was beyond distraught. I can laugh about the incident now, but I can tell you that I was not laughing then. You see, my parents had a big Cadillac and we were all busy loading the car for them to take me to my first day of college. The trip was about five hours and I was already excited and nervous about my new adventure. The car was packed “to the gills” with all of my clothes and personal items that were on the list that the college had sent. There was room for mamma and daddy in the front seat and a corner for me in the back. I told my mom that I was going to the bathroom one more time and went inside to do just that. Unfortunately, she didn’t hear me, so she and daddy got into the car and drove away to take me to college. Only I wasn’t in the car! This was before the days of cell phones, so when I came outside and saw the car gone, I cried inconsolably, thinking that they would get all the way to their destination before they noticed that I was not in my little corner. However, about an hour later, they pulled into the driveway and wanted to know why I had left the car. I explained what had happened and we all left together. Daddy told me that he or mamma asked me a question and when I didn’t reply, mamma turned around and noticed that I was not there. They had driven to Danville, about half an hour away before they noticed my absence, but thank goodness, they didn’t go even farther. Since that incident, I don’t like to let people that I’m riding with out of my sight. When I get to a place, I want to know that I will be included in the ride home, too. So, yes, I have a phobia.

One thing I don’t fear is being left behind my Jesus. His Word comforts me.

Jesus is not going to get distracted and forget me or His promises to me. He walks with me daily, reassuring me that He is right there beside me and I don’t need to fear being left alone. That helps me get through the anxious moments when my husband or daughter or whomever is my ride gets out of my sight. Jesus is always there!

There is coming a day when I definitely don’t want to be left behind. That is the day when Jesus returns to take us all to be with Him. Like the packed car going to college, we have to be prepared to leave, not running back inside to do something. Just stay and wait for Jesus! He is coming back and that will be a glorious day! I don’t get into the arguments about pre-tribulation, post-tribulation or even mid-tribulation return of Jesus. I just want to be ready whenever He returns and I hope that you want the same thing. We have to be faithful servants, immersing ourselves in His Word after accepting Him as our Lord and Savior. That’s the only way not to be left behind. The truth is that God doesn’t want to leave any of us behind, but He will if that is our choice, to live for ourselves instead of for Him. So, I wait, but I am not anxious like I am in front of a store waiting for my ride. Jesus has assured me that He won’t leave me and that when He comes back, I will get to go with Him. He won’t be turning around, realize I’m not there and come back again to get me. That’s why it’s important for me to be ready…we don’t know when He is coming, but we know that He is coming back and we don’t want to be left behind!

2 thoughts on “Left Behind

  1. I like to live my life with a “clean slate,” so I am always ready when Jesus comes again. We went through a series, long ago, in church, that addressed this. I want to die (or be taken up) with no regrets. I am ready.

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