My Strength

I got my flu shot on Monday and it seemed to affect how I feel physically and not in a good way. At first, it was just a mild feeling of dizziness and a headache. As the hours passed, the headache got worse and I was extremely dizzy. I had to depend on God to get into bed safely and prayed that the side effects would wear off quickly. My husband had the same injection and was not feeling bad at all, but we both know that medications tend to affect me differently than most people. Anyway, the dizziness is finally better this morning and the headache has subsided. Praise God that I knew He was with me the entire time because I needed to rest and that required His reassurance that I could trust in Him to take care of me.

Every day there is a new reason to praise the Lord. Sometimes, there are big things happening that I know that He is handling for me. Sometimes, it’s just the battle of living daily in a fallen and broken world. Regardless of what the challenges are, the Lord is always right there with me and for that I rejoice and praise Him.

Rest In His Love by Don Moen

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