Thankful for Those Who Served

It is Veterans’ Day and I would be remiss if I did not mention how grateful I am for each soldier, sailor, marine, coast guard or air force member who served. My husband spent over 22 years in service to our nation and although I missed him terribly each time he was deployed, he was committed to fulfilling his promise to serve our nation, no matter the cost. Before he even knew the Lord and His call to be a servant, my husband, and many like him, were already serving.

It is always good to encourage each other, but there is no better time than today to say an encouraging word to a veteran. My husband always goes out on November 11th to a local restaurant that offers free meals to veterans. He is not going for the food, but rather he is going for the camaraderie, the spirit of belonging to an elite group that knows what it is to leave loved ones behind and to head into dangerous situations that may require the ultimate sacrifice. They share stories together and reminisce about friends they made and places they served.

Jesus set the example for service and we owe Him our lives for all of eternity. I am so thankful for Jesus showing the way and for the others who have followed. Not all veterans are Christians, of course, but as the saying goes, “You don’t meet many atheists in a foxhole.”

So, as you go out and about your daily routine today, pause to thank a veteran. They usually wear a cap on their heads with their branch of service or the ship they served on, something that helps them to remember their time in the military. Thank them for serving honorably and sacrificially. Yes, they returned from the battle, but many bear scars that we cannot see, and all were willing to die so that we could continue to be free. Taking a few seconds to express heartfelt gratitude is the least that we can do.

Happy Veterans’ Day to all who served! I am thankful for your service.

May you be blessed to be a blessing!

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