Thankful for the Power of God

The treasure that we carry in our hearts and souls is the message of the Gospel. Only God could have planned the salvation of all via His Only Son and only God could have been willing to see His Son sacrificed on the cross for all mankind. Only God could raise Jesus from the dead, His resurrection pointing the way for us to one day also have eternal life. This is all the power of God. There is nothing I can do to save myself, so the treasure that I have is in this earthen vessel that God created for my soul to inhabit until He calls me home to be with Him forever.

It is only by God’s sacrifice and power that you and I are being made holy. This is an ongoing process, one that will not be finished until we go to be with Him in Heaven. Thus, I thank God for His power that is working on me to help me to be more like Him.

I feel weak a lot spiritually. I mess up and have to go back and confess, repent and apologize to those I have offended. But God’s grace is always sufficient. He shows Himself powerful on our behalf when we are willing to confess that we need Him because we are weak. It’s not a bad thing to admit weakness. The bad thing is not being willing to admit it and ask God for His power to help you through whatever situation it is that requires His power and strength. When we let pride get in the way and like the toddler declare to God, “I can do it myself,” He steps back and lets us try. Let me tell you from experience that my efforts alone do not usually work out for me; it is only when I acknowledge that I need help from a Higher Power that I can receive the assistance that God has been able and ready to offer all along.

May you be blessed with the knowledge of God’s power and His loving kindness that wants to help you in all situations.

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