Unwrap the Gifts

Not many of us can leave unwrapped presents lying around from one year to the next. Like children, we are eager to open the gifts spread under the tree and to find out what great surprise someone has given us. Yet, year after year, God offers us gifts and we leave them unwrapped, as if they are still nicely arranged under the tree of our lives.

Peace is a gift that keeps on giving, if we will just open it. It’s always there when we need it, but we have to make the choice to unwrap it and take advantage of the peace that comes from God. We don’t have to understand it to accept it. There are many gifts from God, but I think peace is the one that I unwrap the most. My life gets cluttered with chaos and unplanned activities that overwhelm me. So, I unwrap the gift of peace, sitting quietly in His presence and letting Him fill me with the peace that can only come from Him. Then, and only then, can I face each new day with a calm spirit, confident that God will be with me through the journey, no matter where it takes me.

May your day be blessed with peace as you unwrap the gift from the Lord and appreciate His presence in your life.

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