Help Me to Do My Part

I often despair when I hear or read the headlines of daily events in our world. It is so apparent that darkness is winning. But, taken from the perspective of God’s Word, what is happening is only for a season. We who are believers in Jesus Christ know that His ultimate triumph is assured, and good does overcome evil. In the meantime, while we wait for His deliverance, it is a good thing to ask God daily to show us what part we can play in overcoming evil with good. No matter how small, we can make a difference!

God will guide us to do the work that He has purposed for each of us, if we are open vessels for Him. We all live in darkness these days, but God has placed us as lights in the darkness so that we can guide others onto the path of peace. Jesus is our example, a rising sun that we can reflect to others.

It’s honestly beyond comprehension that Jesus can be the light of all mankind and that He uses each of us to shine the light that began with Him. So, yes, there is definitely darkness in the world, with evil being called good by evil, manipulative people. But, we win in the end…we just have to persevere and keep asking God to help each of us do our part.

May your day be blessed with a multitude of reminders of how you can help God’s final purpose, fulfilling your destiny and God’s plan for your life.

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