Open My Eyes

Sometimes, I think that I am going through the world with a blindfold on. Other times, I’m sure of it! Then there are the times that I slow down, really look around and appreciate God’s creation. This morning during my devotional, God was speaking to me about becoming more aware of all of the wonders that can be found in His Word. Daily, I sit and read and study my Bible, meditate on verses and pray. But it has become a rote thing that I do, not always the joy it should be as God speaks to my heart through His Word. I don’t want it to be an automatic thing to get done, like brushing and flossing my teeth. I want my time with God’s Word to be spent with my eyes completely open and my heart ready to receive from Him. That is my prayer for me today and for all of my dear followers and readers who are seeking a closer walk with Him.

The wonderful things are already in God’s Word. I just have to be ready to receive them. I realized that my receiver is on but my antenna is not fully extended so I’m not getting the signal properly all of the time. Today is a new day to extend my antenna and just wait for God to speak wonderful things to me from the guidebook that He left me (and you).

May your day be blessed with open eyes and a receiving heart!

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