Receiving God’s Rest

This promise was made to Moses and the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness. God doesn’t say “you will rest.” He says firmly, “I will give you rest.” God says the same thing to each of us as we wander through life, sometimes aimlessly and without any notion of where the end will bring us. It is up to each of us to receive the rest that God offers us. His Holy Presence provides the security and comfort and total protection that we need no matter what we are facing, but we have to take time to just rest in Him and accept that He is there with us. This is particularly appropriate for me right now as I just returned from an extended stay in Maryland with my son and his family. I dropped a lot of balls that I have been juggling while I was there because my priority was caring for an active and mischievous toddler. Book reviews were put on hold. In fact, reading novels was mostly put on a back burner as I was usually too tired to read much when I headed to bed at the end of my long days. However, God promised me rest and I got it, in spite of illness, cold days and colder nights and general feelings of being too tired to rest well. God’s presence never left me, and I was ever aware of the strength that He was providing to help me to watch over little Nathan.

Now that I am home again, the pressure of book launches is there but it isn’t as stressful as it could be. Why not? Because God has promised me rest. I read a little when I go to bed but I don’t stay up late to do so. I turn off the light, pray and fall into a deep and restful slumber knowing that God is with me. And if He gives me a new day to serve Him and to do the work that I have committed to do, He will also be with me and help me to fulfill the commitments that I have made. His very presence gives me a calm peace and rest that can only come from Him.

Today, as you go about your busy day, I hope that you take time to acknowledge the presence of God and the peace and rest that will follow. His rest is the kind that will sustain you through all of the day’s challenges.


3 thoughts on “Receiving God’s Rest

  1. Years ago a conference-speaker chose Mark 14:8 as her text, from the story of Mary of Bethany anointing Jesus’ feet. When some complained about the waste, Jesus replied, “She did what she could.” The speaker used that verse to make the point: We’re often guilty of pushing ourselves hard to do more and be more. God would have us take satisfaction in doing what we can on any given day, then giving the rest to him to hold for another time, or take care of another way. You are right, Vicki: “We have to take time to just rest in Him and accept that He is there with us” to guide, help, and work things out for the good of those who love him–even those things we’ve had to leave undone.


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