Wisdom from God

Many times, when we are trying to make a difficult decision, we choose to consult friends, counselors, those whom we trust and consider wise. But the best person to consult is God because His wisdom has all of the characteristics of leading to true success.

Look at all of the adjectives that describe the wisdom that comes from God as you read the verse again. Pure, peace loving, gentle, willing to yield. The phrases that lead to a good Godly decision include: full of mercy, full of the fruit of good deeds, shows no favoritism and always sincere. I need to practice asking God for His wisdom and then waiting for the kind of answer that is full of all of His promises for me and also not harmful to others.

May you be blessed today and every day with the knowledge of how important it is to seek wisdom from God.


One thought on “Wisdom from God

  1. Waiting for God’s answer is the difficult thing for me. Too often I want to jump ahead of Him and draw my own conclusions about what I think His answer is. Thanks for the reminder to ask and wait on God.


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