Fixed Eyes

Have you ever watched a new infant and how intently he/she watches you? The eyes are fixed on you, following the sound of your voice as you move around them. As the child grows older, their attention may be momentarily called away to another object, something shinier or more interesting to them. But if you say the child’s name, like magic, their focus returns to you. At least that is the way I have noticed things happening until the child is about six or so and then all bets are off about whether you can get and hold their attention or not.

What is our focus when we are talking about our spiritual walk? As a new Christian, I was eager to learn all I could about God and His love for me. I didn’t want to miss a single minute of His guidance or plan for my life, so my eyes were fixed on him. Then, as a child maturing, my focus was captured by other “shiny” things, this pastor or that evangelist and a new message that they were giving. Or sometimes, my focus was captured by friends, family, trials and sicknesses. In other words, as I aged, I took my eyes off the One who created me and started paying more attention to the creation. God has reprimanded me and let me know that is the wrong path to take and I am working on forming new habits.

Another reason to come to the Lord as a child is the total trust we have in Him and the way we don’t let Him out of our sight. No matter what room I moved to when my children were young, they were right there beside me. I called them my shadows because they kept their eyes on me and when I moved, they did, too. That is the way I think we should keep our eyes on God. A steady looking at Him for our guidance and for direction for what our next steps should be. When we keep our eyes on Him, all of the problems we have seem to fade into insignificance because we know that they are temporary but He is eternal.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus-Hillsong Worship

May your day be blessed and your eyes be fixed on Him, the one who knows and loves you best.


3 thoughts on “Fixed Eyes

  1. Great post, Vickie. When my children were little there were so many ways the Lord spoke to me about my relationship with Him through my relationship with them. One thing I noticed, related to what you have shared, is the way my babies would watch me as I worked in the kitchen, sang, and danced around to the music on the radio. They would smile and laugh, and it didn’t seem to bother them at all that they couldn’t do what I was doing. They seemed content to watch me. In the same way, if we can’t do something we deem important, we can trust in the fact that God is able, and we can just rest and delight in Him. ❤


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