Solomon’s Prayer

Reading in II Kings today, I came to the part where Solomon is dedicating the temple and presents sacrifices to God. He also prays a rather lengthy prayer that encompasses a request for blessings for the present and for future generations. What struck me first about the prayer was that he acknowledged God’s power and His everlasting love.

Solomon, the king with hundreds of wives and concubines, the man who formed ungodly alliances for the sake of peace in his land and the man who penned the book of Ecclesiastes, knew without a doubt that God is the Lord of all. He knew that God makes and keeps His covenant with mankind. The part that touched me the most was that God’s love never fails. I have failed and I may do so again, but God’s love has never left me. My desire is to walk with the Lord with wholehearted devotion, but sometimes I fall short. Praise be to God that He never falls short, always loves and always sticks around waiting for me to straighten myself out! Truly, there is only One God worthy of our praise, our adoration and our total allegiance!

May you all be abundantly blessed by the Lord and then bless others in turn.

3 thoughts on “Solomon’s Prayer

  1. Amen! Solomon follows his father David’s approach to prayer. When we bring praise and gratitude into the beginning of prayer, it helps to open up our conversation with the Lord. At the same time, we share our love and reverence toward Him.

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