The Godless

As we look around today’s increasingly sinful world, it is sometimes easy to get discouraged and think that God is not paying attention. Oh, but He is! He sees the things that we cannot see and His Word tells us the fate of the godless, those who appear to be prospering and destroying the morals of our world with their own sinful desires.

Notice that the verse says that the godless SEEM like a lush plant, thriving in the sunshine and spreading out. Just as the sinful seem to be doing, right? Their sin is spreading and becoming more acceptable. But look under the surface at what is really happening. Their roots are going down through stones, ending in a bed of rocks. They cannot survive there because they have no soil to feed and nourish them. The fate of the godless is to ultimately disappear. God looks, sees and is not concerned about their having a lasting effect on His kingdom because they will not be part of the eternity He has planned for those of us who believe. Rooted and grounded in His Word, we will stand and they will be as thought they never existed.

Although it seems at times that God has stepped back from the evil in the world and is just letting it run rampant, we have to remember that He has not abandoned us. He is just waiting for the godless to realize that their plans to destroy His good creation will come to nothing. Meanwhile, He encourages us to persevere in worship, studying His Word and prayer. All things work out for good in the end. That’s a promise that we can count on!

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