Be the One

This is a phrase that is popular on school message boards around here. What they mean to say is to be the one who makes a difference. But after my devotional today, I have a new view of who that “one” is.

Ten lepers went to Jesus for healing. All received a touch from the Savior but only one returned to thank him. He is “the one” that I want to emulate. I never want to take Jesus’s blessings for granted. I always want to give Him the thanksgiving and glory. Jesus Himself noticed that only one came back.

If we are going to take the time to pray to God and expect answers from Him, then we also need to take time to give thanks to Him when the answers come. We want to be the one who acknowledges that all glory belongs to God…all we have, all we are and all we will be all come from Him. So, let’s pause in our struggles with life and the daily things that take our focus away from what is really important. Let’s thank God for at least five things today and every day. (There should be a lot more thanksgiving on our list, but we can start small and build up a needed habit.)

Lord God, I come before you today with a heart filled with gratitude and love. You have created me and know all about me and all of my failings. Thank you that you show your love for me by being patient with me. Thank you that you give me the strength to get through the task for each day. Thank you that you have given me a husband, a mate fit for me, who walks beside me in this journey called life. Thank you that you have given me a church with good friends there. And finally, thank you, Lord, that you are still working on me and in me to make me what you want me to be so that I can better serve you. May today be a day of blessing for all who read this. In the Name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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