Secret Things

I have so many questions to ask when I get to Heaven, don’t you? Like how God chose colors when there weren’t any. And how does he work on men’s hearts to get them to turn to Him when they are so stubborn? And where did Enoch disappear to? So many questions that will all be answered in Heaven. Trivial, sure, but I’m still inquisitive.

God has an answer to the questions already in His Word. They are the “secret things”, the ones that we are not meant to know yet. However, all that He has revealed we are to share with our children; they are our legacy forever on this earth. Once we get to Heaven, then we can perhaps know the secret things, if they even matter to use any longer once we are in the presence of the Lord Jesus. I’m content these days to know what I know…God is in Heaven, He is the ruler of the universe, and He loves me. And He loves you, too!

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