Dependent or Independent?

For all the years that my husband was in the military, I was known as a dependent. At first, I resented the terminology, saying vocally and emphatically, that I was not really dependent on anyone because I could take care of myself just fine, thank you. After all, I had graduated with honors and had a teaching job and career in front of me. But, for the purposes of the military, I was a dependent. And you know what? I learned that it wasn’t such a bad thing. My husband’s status as active duty got me into the commissary to shop for groceries, the exchange to shop for other things, the Officers’ Club for luncheons and housing on the base at a lower cost and at a convenient location. So, maybe being a dependent wasn’t so bad.

I have since been schooled regularly by the Lord about the necessity of my losing my independent streak and being willing to submit myself to Him. Unless I am dependent on Him, I can’t grow, learn and teach others.

No matter what I try to do on my own, it really doesn’t work out well unless I first invite the Lord to be the leader. He is the chief everything…He is the one who gives me my identity, just as my husband provided my military ID for me that is still available for me to use today as a spouse of a retiree. My entire being is wrapped up in who I am in Jesus. I am independent in my choices because He lets me make them, even when I make bad ones. But He is also always there to help me out of the situations I get myself into because of those wrong choices and to help me back onto the path that I was supposed to take all along.

When I admit that I can’t do anything all alone, then Jesus steps in and it is His power that works in me to complete the task that He has given me to do. Sometimes I need His help and intervention more than others, but I am always thankful that I know that He is right there, ready to offer assistance, guidance and strength.

So, dependent or independent? I choose to be dependent on the Lord Jesus, grafted into His vine so that I can produce quality fruit for Him. It’s nice to let go of the wheel and know that Jesus is steering me in the right direction as I depend on Him to take me safely to my final destination!

2 thoughts on “Dependent or Independent?

  1. Blessings Vickie for sharing this testament. Lately, I’ve needed to remind myself that I don’t handle life’s curve balls without admitting my dependence on the Lord. He keeps my faith growing into the next inning much better than I can do alone.

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