Be on Guard

I have found that as I am aging, I am less alert, especially as the day wanes. I don’t sleep well at night so I try to nap daily for about an hour, but then by about 7-8 at night, I am ready for bed again. That’s not to say that resting is not a good thing. But I need to make sure that when I am awake, I need to be fully alert to attacks from the enemy. These attacks come in the form of doubt, my temper being aroused and irritability towards anyone who is nearby.

The attacks that you suffer may not be the same as mine, but they will come nevertheless because that is what our enemy does. He attacks when we seem to be vulnerable. That’s why we put on the full armor and keep it on! When we are alert and clearheaded, we can recognize the attacks for what they are and stand firm in our faith, being the person God wants us to be to represent Him to others. Sleep is necessary, of course, but not when you are supposed to be on guard duty!

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