Devoted to Prayer

Prayer, as most of us know, is simply having a conversation with God. But what does it mean to be “devoted to prayer”? If you look up the word “devoted” in a dictionary, it means loyalty, strong affection or dedication. Prayer should be something that we do daily, all day long and we should miss it if we neglect to do it. Some synonyms of “dedicated” are constant and steadfast. Prayer isn’t something that we practice occasionally; it is a habit that we need to get into so that we are establishing a close relationship with our Heavenly Father. Those of you who are married know that your relationship with. your spouse would not last very long if you never communicated or even if you only talked to each other occasionally. The foundation of a strong relationship is communication and prayer is communicating with God and then giving Him time to communicate with you.

When we pray, our minds should be alert, watching for the enemy’s attack. For me, that usually comes in the form of distracting me away from prayer to something else. We also have to be discerning as we pray, alert and watchful to what God is doing. We should not assume that God will answer our prayers in our way and on our timetable. We need to watch for Him to act on our behalf and be ready to adapt to the way and time in which He is answering our call.

Finally, we are to be thankful, recognizing that there is nothing we are, nothing we have, nothing that has any meaning to us that did not come from God. Our prayers should begin with adoration for who God is and end with thankfulness for all that He has done and is doing. Again, relate this to your human relationships. If you are never thankful to the person with whom you spend the most time, are they likely to want to continue to spend time with you? Everyone wants to be appreciated, not just for what they do for us but for who they are in our lives and how much they mean to us. God wants to be appreciated because He wants to establish a close relationship with us, for us to know Him intimately just as He knows us.

Today is the National Day of Prayer. As you pray today, may you remember to be devoted, alert and thankful.

The answers to prayers come, in God’s time, but remember that He is constantly guiding and restoring you. So, be thankful for His presence in your life.

5 thoughts on “Devoted to Prayer

  1. I admit that I have been struggling lately to pray. I am SO overwhelmed at work, at home, with an aging parent and brothers who don’t see eye-to-eye. I literally cannot focus. Even my reading, which is slow to begin with on a good day, has taken a major hit. I find myself easily straying off topic. And since I’m so overwhelmed I sort of don’t know which topic to bring to God first. It’s ALL so big right now. But I’m keeping at it. I just really need to rest my poor over-used brain.
    Thank you for your daily posts, Vickie. I may not leave a reply all the time, but I do read them for the encouragement.

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