Blossoming Under His Mighty Hand

My husband is an avid gardener. His passion is for his vegetables, but a few years ago, he planted a beautiful flower garden right outside the window where I sit. It started with a rose bush and a few irises. It has since grown to multiple rose bushes, lots of irises, azalea bushes and seasonal flowers that he hangs for my enjoyment. Recently, he added a hummingbird plant to attract the little creatures that I enjoy watching. My husband takes joy in my pleasure of looking out to see the garden. My mobility is limited and my allergies keep me inside, but his love helps me to enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

My husband is the caretaker of the flowers, but we both know that God is the one who helps them grow and flourish. So when things happen that are unexpected, the challenges in life that throw curveballs my way, I only have to sit in my chair and look out the window to be reminded of how much God cares. My faith has grown in this season of testing (of the medical variety, mostly), and I have learned to lean hard into God, knowing that He loves me even more than my beloved spouse does. I can see the evidence of Harry’s love and God’s each time I glance out the window…it makes me stronger to face whatever the day brings. Harry lovingly transports me to all of my appointments and God stays with me throughout all of the procedures. They have a pretty good partnership going and I’m blessed to be the recipient of all of that love. In fact, like the flowers, I blossom under the mighty hand of God, the One that shows me through the kindness of my husband how much He (and he) cherish me. My faith grows and my thankful heart overflows with gratitude.

I sincerely hope that you see flowers in your life today and remember that God put them there for you to enjoy and to remind you that He is faithful. The answers are coming…just wait for the blossoms to unfold!

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