Wait Quietly

I have always been one to wait quietly, reading a book or observing those around me. But I have to admit that sometimes as my body waits quietly, my heart is racing and I begin to perspire. I have to give myself a quiet God-talk sometimes, reminding myself that God is in control and He will continue to take care of me until He calls me home. Today is a day that I need that reminder. I am once again going to the cardiologist, hopefully to resolve the fainting issue once and for all with a change in medication or dosage. I felt myself getting anxious as I dressed and prepared for the day, during my devotions, even. Why? I know that God always hears me but I’m not so sure about the physicians that I see. Many of them nod and go ahead and do what they had planned before I spoke. They seem to get irate with me when I won’t fall in step with their plan and question it. Their irritation generally means that I fail to be bold and resolute in my quest for a solution. Today, I need that boldness. It has been four months of doctor visits and I am ready for it to be done and to start feeling better.

This is my prayer for myself today. My hope is in God and no matter what the doctor decides, my healing lies with the Lord.

Family Fiction is a resource that I subscribe to via email and on Twitter. They are proponents of good, clean fiction and publish quotations daily that are inspirational. Today’s quotation jumped out at me, so I am sharing it with you. I know that I am loved by God and therefore I have nothing to fear about going to the doctor today, or even tomorrow. Tomorrow is my appointment with my retina eye specialist and the technologist was rude and condescending to me at my last visit, so I have to gird myself to love her in spite of her.

So, I wait, sometimes patiently and sometimes not, but I wait, knowing that God is sending the answer. It may be through a physician, or maybe not, but I know with all that is within me that God holds the hope for my future and He loves me. That is all I need to know to face the day!

5 thoughts on “Wait Quietly

    1. Thank you for your prayers. He’s leaving me on my meds bc I have to regulate my BP for the sake of my kidney. No heart monitor needed and he doesn’t think I need vascular surgery right now either. So, good news. And he showed me exercised to do before I stand so I won’t get dizzy and faint from the heart meds.

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