Foolish or Wise?

Have you ever met anyone who thinks that they know everything and try to convince you that they do? I have and it’s very annoying. Nowadays, there are those who think that they know everything because they can “google it.” Well, if Google were in tune with God’s Word, that might help, but that’s not knowing everything, is it?

The foolish person is determined to go his/her own way and declares that it is the right way to go. We are seeing a lot of that in today’s society, one in which gender is determined by saying what you are instead of accepting how God made you. Unfortunately, many follow along behind the foolish and are also led down the wrong path.

The wise, on the other hand, are willing to listen but I would caution that the counselors need to be godly people. When I need advice or wisdom, I first seek the Lord by praying and reading His Word. If I need a person to talk things over with me, I call a Christian friend whom I trust. I don’t call someone that I know will agree with me…I call someone who will ponder with me and pray with me as they listen to my dilemma.

Listening is a skill that we all need to develop, but we also need to know the heart of the one to whom we are listening. Are they sold out for God and His truth? Or do they buy into the lies of Satan that truth is relative and there are no absolutes? Listen, but beware of who your advisers are listening to for their counsel. And once you have listened, go back to God and pray some more.

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