Living for Christ

I have heard this short phrase most of my Christian life (over five decades), but it has only become more real to me recently as I have pondered what it really means to live for Christ. Does it mean that I cease to exist and that all that matters to me is no longer important? God is slowly revealing to me that He wants all of me dedicated to Him but He does not want me to be a Christ-figure. He wants me to be walking around, doing what I do and be Christlike in my attitude, words and choices. Christ died for me, so the least that I can do is live for Him.

In other words, I should not be making choices to gain something for me, but to expand the Kingdom of God. My own happiness matters to God so I need to let go of trying to make myself happy and start trying to do and say what would please the Lord and lead others to Him so that they can find true fulfillment in a relationship with Him. It’s frustrating being around people who don’t serve or worship God. Imagine how difficult it must be for God, our Creator, to constantly deal with people who refuse to acknowledge Him in spite of all of His blessings to them! I don’t lose anything by serving and living for Christ, but I lose everything if I just choose to live for myself.

I don’t know if I want length added to my years or not unless it is for God’s benefit. I just want to do what pleases Him and to stay here on earth for as long as he wants me to. Sometimes, I get weary…bone-weary, spiritually exhausted. Then God tells me to get up and keep going because He isn’t finished with me yet. If I am living for Christ, I need to be willing to keep on keeping on until God tells me that my race is done.

This is a prayer I say often and not just as a thing to say to appease God. I say it because I truly want to please the Lord. He is all to me, my reason for being, so I want my life to reflect His. My prayer for you is that you will grasp hold of the concept of living for Christ and know that it means turning over your words and your heart to Him completely. He is worthy and capable of giving you the words to speak and a changed heart to show others.

May your day be filled with the wisdom that comes only from the Father, the joy and comfort from the Holy Spirit and the compassion and love of the Son.

Open My Eyes

Sometimes, I think that I am going through the world with a blindfold on. Other times, I’m sure of it! Then there are the times that I slow down, really look around and appreciate God’s creation. This morning during my devotional, God was speaking to me about becoming more aware of all of the wonders that can be found in His Word. Daily, I sit and read and study my Bible, meditate on verses and pray. But it has become a rote thing that I do, not always the joy it should be as God speaks to my heart through His Word. I don’t want it to be an automatic thing to get done, like brushing and flossing my teeth. I want my time with God’s Word to be spent with my eyes completely open and my heart ready to receive from Him. That is my prayer for me today and for all of my dear followers and readers who are seeking a closer walk with Him.

The wonderful things are already in God’s Word. I just have to be ready to receive them. I realized that my receiver is on but my antenna is not fully extended so I’m not getting the signal properly all of the time. Today is a new day to extend my antenna and just wait for God to speak wonderful things to me from the guidebook that He left me (and you).

May your day be blessed with open eyes and a receiving heart!

Eternity and God’s Provision

I love that this Scripture verse says that God, our Creator, has put eternity into our hearts. Of course, our human hearts will one day stop and out body that it supports and keeps alive will die here on earth. But the heart that we have that is attached to God is also attached to eternity, the Heavenly home that He has prepared for us and where we will always be with the Lord. It is a great mystery what God has done, most likely because our finite minds cannot fathom the works of an infinite God.

I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving that God always provides just what we need when we need it. Just as He provided manna for the Israelites in the wilderness, He provides for us. And when they reached the Promised Land and could eat from the abundance there, the manna no longer appeared daily for the Israelites to pick up and eat. God knows what He is doing even when we don’t always understand it!

Have a blessed and wonderful day, always remembering that you are a child of the King!

Promises of Restoration and Fairness

This is the first promise in my devotional this morning. I’m sure that I don’t like the suffering part, but Jesus suffered, so why should we think that we will escape all suffering? But look at the next sentence: AFTER you a suffered a LITTLE WHILE, He will RESTORE, SUPPORT and STRENGTHEN you….So, isn’t the suffering here on earth worth what is coming. God Himself will restore us, support us and strengthen us. We don’t have to worry about carrying all of that burden alone. Hallelujah!

In this age of bribery and all kinds of chicanery, God reassured me that He takes no bribe. He is totally unbiased and loves everyone the same. That is an awesome character trait of God, isn’t it? We look at the politicians who can’t seem to function without taking money from some lobbyist somewhere, on top of their exorbitant salaries. We look around us and see some people who are very rich, with big houses and fancy cars. Then, we drive by homeless beggars, some with children with them. God does not care what our possessions are. He it totally unbiased. He doesn’t see our color or our stature or our standing in society. That is something that I strived for when I was teaching. I wanted to make sure that I treated all of the students the same way, regardless of the wealth of their parents (or lack thereof). I know that I fell far short of my own expectations at times, but I would like to think that I showed all children respect because each one is a special creation from God.

This is why, in my opinion, that God is totally unbiased. He looks right through all of our fluff and sees our hearts. There are so many times that I get frustrated with the way things are in the world, and God calms me down and speaks softly to me that He is working things out, that I can trust Him because He sees the hearts of ALL men. Like David in Psalm 51, I desire God to create a clean heart in me. I hope that is your desire, too.

Those are just a few thoughts from my devotionals today. I pray God’s blessing on each of you this Sabbath day. May you rest in the knowledge that God will restore you, that God is unbiased and that He is looking at your heart and can create a new one in you if necessary. All glory to God, our Creator and Redeemer!