Promises of Restoration and Fairness

This is the first promise in my devotional this morning. I’m sure that I don’t like the suffering part, but Jesus suffered, so why should we think that we will escape all suffering? But look at the next sentence: AFTER you a suffered a LITTLE WHILE, He will RESTORE, SUPPORT and STRENGTHEN you….So, isn’t the suffering here on earth worth what is coming. God Himself will restore us, support us and strengthen us. We don’t have to worry about carrying all of that burden alone. Hallelujah!

In this age of bribery and all kinds of chicanery, God reassured me that He takes no bribe. He is totally unbiased and loves everyone the same. That is an awesome character trait of God, isn’t it? We look at the politicians who can’t seem to function without taking money from some lobbyist somewhere, on top of their exorbitant salaries. We look around us and see some people who are very rich, with big houses and fancy cars. Then, we drive by homeless beggars, some with children with them. God does not care what our possessions are. He it totally unbiased. He doesn’t see our color or our stature or our standing in society. That is something that I strived for when I was teaching. I wanted to make sure that I treated all of the students the same way, regardless of the wealth of their parents (or lack thereof). I know that I fell far short of my own expectations at times, but I would like to think that I showed all children respect because each one is a special creation from God.

This is why, in my opinion, that God is totally unbiased. He looks right through all of our fluff and sees our hearts. There are so many times that I get frustrated with the way things are in the world, and God calms me down and speaks softly to me that He is working things out, that I can trust Him because He sees the hearts of ALL men. Like David in Psalm 51, I desire God to create a clean heart in me. I hope that is your desire, too.

Those are just a few thoughts from my devotionals today. I pray God’s blessing on each of you this Sabbath day. May you rest in the knowledge that God will restore you, that God is unbiased and that He is looking at your heart and can create a new one in you if necessary. All glory to God, our Creator and Redeemer!

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