Only a Little

8D5F6A42-0DB2-4B31-97B2-423D5EFA07CDI have been thinking a lot lately about how little I have on this earth.  I have a lot of books because I read a lot.  I have a home that is comfortable, but it isn’t anything that I really want people to see because it is so shabby and needs a lot of repairs.  But then, I think of the promises that I have for the future.  I will be with the Lord one day for all eternity.  I have the promises of His peace and love and comfort in my life today.  I don’t have to fear death because I fear the Lord.  That word means fear in the sense of respect and reverence.  Of course, I respect the Lord of all creation!  How can I look around when I am outside and not revere Him?  His creation is so beautiful and changes every day.  The trees, the rocks, the flowers, even the blades of grass show me evidence of a Creator.  So, I have fear of the Lord who made me and knows everything about me.  God who created me knows all of the desires of my heart, so He provides for me to have enough to fulfill some of them.    I don’t have wealth by any means, but I have enough.  But money isn’t everything as the world would have you believe.  In fact, money isn’t anything without the Lord.  He gives my life purpose and meaning.  He is my reason for living.  I only have a very little according to the standards of the world, but I am very wealthy by God’s standards because I carry a treasure in my heart that cannot be corrupted by the world.  I carry the knowledge and fear of the Lord God of the Heavens and earth, and that is more precious than all the jewels and money in the world.  Do you want that treasure in your heart?  Do you want more than material possessions that will one day disappear?  It’s as simple as a prayer to have Jesus in your heart forever.  Just tell Him that you want Him there.  You can have the same treasure that I have in my heart.  I hope that today is the day for you to begin to fear the Lord and have a relationship with your Creator!

6 thoughts on “Only a Little

  1. I love this post! I’m not a money person. I’m not a stuff person. I do have a lot of books though. Things just aren’t my thing. I’m more a hang-out with my family and friends, read a good book kind of gal. I, too, have just enough. I don’t want more or less because I don’t want to ever lose sight of God as my center. I’m totally good with just enough. I know what’s waiting for me in Heaven! Knowing that makes it easier to be content with what I have here on earth.
    Excellent post!!!!

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