As I read this verse today, I applied it to what is making me wring my hands in despair these days. Although the President does not make Godly decisions, although Congress is corrupt, although the Supreme Court is undependable, although my state government is liberal to the extreme, and although the pandemic is still around, I will rejoice. It is a choice! We choose to rejoice in our circumstances, giving the circumstances and the worries to God to deal with and rejoicing because God is still on the throne. The sun that He created still came up this morning. It’s a new day to rejoice in the Lord!

Be blessed with the knowledge that the earth is the Lord’s and He is in control!

6 thoughts on “Rejoicing

  1. Vickie, I loved this! Yes, we live in a troubled world. Yes, things in this life are not what we might like, and they aren’t comfortable, and there is no sense that they are going away or that they are going to suddenly improve, either. But it could be a whole lot worse. We could be out on the streets or running for our lives with no shelter, food, etc. So, we have much to thank the Lord for. So, thank you for this reminder to rejoice even when life throws us lemons. For, our God is still in control. And he never promised us a rose garden, unless it includes some thorns, too.

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